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Lucky for you, anyway. I need to raise capital to replace broken hardware very quickly, and so I am selling already-printed copies (as opposed to the ones stocked print-on-demand) for far less than they are otherwise available. What normally goes for $20 is now going for only $10 plus shipping.

The Nonsense Oracle

The Nonsense Oracle!

Be amazed, be confused, or better yet, confuse others with this much, much simpler and much much sillier mode of fortune-telling.

Detroit Tradecraft 2016 Playing Cards

Detroit Tradecraft 2016 Playing Cards

Play your favorite card games with illustrated playing cards! Great gifts while they still last. As these are remnants from 2016, no more are being made! Featuring art by C. Patrick Jackson, Teon Walker, Marco Evans, and Michael Marcus, with jokers by Asukile Gardner.

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